Church Revitalization – Part 4, Work, work and work some more

  • This is part 4 of our ongoing series on Church Revitalization

Church Revitalization is not easy – it is hard work.  As the saying goes: “if it was easy, everyone would do it”.  What is it going to take to make church revitalization successful in your ministry?  Hard work.

Church revitalization is not a Sunday only job.  It is a twenty-four, seven day a week job.  It takes a consistent focus in every area.  Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Work harder on your messages.  Spend more time.  Do more practice.  Pray more.  Learn from others.
  2. Work harder on your facility.  Keep things clean, neat, current, updated and safe.
  3. Work harder on training.  Go to conferences.  Train your teachers. Teach your leaders.  Disciple your new converts.
  4. Work harder on vision.  Look ahead.  See what problems may be coming.  Focus on what areas you may need to address. Know the spiritual temperature of your church.
  5. Work harder on loving others.  Every wonder why there are so many verses on the need to love and care for others?  Probably because it is not our natural reaction.  It is something we need to work on.  People can often be unlovable – yet our command is to love!

Work hard and then work even harder!

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