Church Revitalization – Part 3, Do what you do and do it well

  • This is our continuing series on Church Revitalization – Part 3

Very simply – your church is not going to be a “jack of all trades” of churches.  You will not be able to be and to do everything and if you try to you will not be able to do it well.  So here is my advice – focus on the things your church does well and do them better than anyone else.

I have been part of churches who wanted to emphasize music, but they just did not have the talent to do music well.  They would have an annual cantatas, but music was just not their thing.

As church cafe’s and coffee shops have become popular, I have seen churches try to fill that niche’ at their own church – but don’t have the finances and personnel to do it well.  They end up putting a couple coffee pots on a classroom table.

Our church in Dillsburg received a call a number of years ago from an Assisted Living center down the road looking for someone to come in once a month to hold a Bible study for their residents.  I had a gentleman in our church that was very interested in teaching so I had him contact the home.  After just a couple of months we found that they were willing to let us come every week.  We put together a couple people to help with music and now, twelve years later, this is an entirely separate service for our church each and every Sunday.  Also, as the church has grown, we have added other nursing homes and other teams to minister to them.  We are now in five facilities – three of them every single week.  It’s what we are good at.

We are good at children’s ministry.  People love our nursery, our children’s Sunday school, our Junior church ministry, our evening Children’s clubs and our Vacation Bible School.  They feel confident with out teachers and love our curriculum.  It’s what we are good at and we emphasize it.

Our church does not have a softball team.  We don’t have a divorce care group or an addiction program.  We don’t have community fairs or summer car shows.  All of those things are fine and there are plenty of churches in our areas that are doing many of these things.  But they are not what we do and we would not be able to do those things well if we tried to do them too.

Just do what you do and do it very well!

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